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Large Cherry Creek Jasper Necklace

Large Cherry Creek Jasper Necklace

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This Cherry Creek Jasper stone is an absolute showstopper.  The muted green tones in Cherry Creek Jasper are transected by rich brown and golden veins.  This is a larger pendant and comes on a 16 inch silver chain.


  1. Cherry Creek Jasper: The heart of this pendant is a large, carefully selected Cherry Creek Jasper gemstone. Renowned for its rich, earthy colours and unique patterns, this jasper variety boasts an array of warm reds, deep greens, and earthy browns.

  2. Sterling Silver Setting and Chain: The Cherry Creek Jasper gemstone is cradled in a quality sterling silver setting. Crafted with precision and care, the sterling silver complements the stone's colors, enhancing its natural beauty.  This piece also comes on a 16 inch sterling silver chain.

  3. Unique Gift: This Cherry Creek Jasper Pendant makes a thoughtful gift for nature enthusiasts, outdoor lovers, or anyone who appreciates the beauty of the Earth's landscapes.


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